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Sports Eyewear That Steps Up Your Game

For an athlete looking to maximize their performance and achieve their best, having the right equipment makes the job easier. At Listowel Vision Care, we carry CSA-approved eyewear that protects your eyes and improves your game.

Never Compromise Your Vision Quality: Your Prescription is Baked In.

By incorporating your prescription into the lenses in your eyewear, you enjoy the protective benefits of performance glasses without having to sacrifice visual acuity.

Improve Your Performance With Sports Eyewear

Every sport has its own demands on our vision. In baseball, the batter has to make a snap decision on whether or not they’ll hit the ball if they swing. In tennis, a split-second is all a player has to determine how to respond to their opponents play. In golf, being able to properly read the slope of the green is essential to achieve a great score. In all these situations, a pair of sports glasses can help.

Sports eyewear are made for the job, designed to help the wearer do their best. Using specialized materials, sports glasses are strong, lightweight. Advanced lenses – with or without prescription – enhance colour, reduce glare, and make it easier to focus on what you need to see.

More Information About Sports & Specialty Eyewear

What is “Specialty Eyewear”? There are many reasons someone may need specialized eyewear. These can include hobbies, work, computer use, and more. Many sports place exacting demands on the eye’s performance, and eyewear that reduces glare and improves colour differentiation can provide a competitive benefit to their wearer.

No matter your need, our team will help you find the appropriate eyewear solution.

What Benefits Can Specialized Eyewear Provide? Our Optometrists and Opticians can provide more specific guidance in this area, as the benefits of various types of eyewear depend on the application they are being used for.

For example, for people that work at a computer we recommend eyewear that reduces glare, filters out high-energy visible light (HEV), and makes it easier to read text on a screen. Wearing glasses with these qualities reduces digital eye strain and eye fatigue while also making it easier to work at the computer for longer durations.

Specialized eyewear can improve productivity, provide the eye an extra layer of protection, and reduce eye fatigue.

Protecting Our Eyes in Sports – Many people are injured playing sports every year. Even sports where you may not think to wear protective eyewear – such as basketball – benefit from improved protection. After all, you never know when a ball (or a hand trying to grab that ball) will wind up in your face.

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