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Did You Know That Most Eye Injuries in Canada Could Be Avoided With Safety Eyewear?

Every Day More Than 700 Canadians Injure Their Eyes

Annually, an estimated 720,000 Canadians injure their eyes. With most injuries being completely preventable just by wearing a pair of safety eyewear, this frustrating statistic reminds us that we must be more diligent in protecting our eyes.

Eye Injuries Occur at Home Almost as Much as Work

According to the Canadiation National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), 37.5% of injuries occur at work, and 35.5% of injuries occur at home. Many people wear safety glasses when at work but neglect to do so at home. Don’t place your eyes at risk when working at home- protect them.

Vision Loss is Often Irreversible

Your eyes are the only things that enable you to see the world. Serious injuries can cause permanent and irreparable vision loss. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), over 90% of eye injuries can be avoided by wearing the appropriate protective eyewear.

More Information About Safety Eyewear

Eyeglasses Are Not Sufficient Eye Protection – According to the AAO, more than 78% of eye injuries occur when people are wearing eyewear. However, only 5.3% of eyewear worn is safety or sports eyewear.

To protect your eyes, eyewear must be CSA or ANSI certified. This designation means that the glasses meet or exceed standards for scratch and shatter resistance.

Protecting Your Eyes at Home – If you aren’t currently wearing protective eyewear when doing household maintenance, you are not alone. Unfortunately, only one third of homeowners currently protect their eyes when doing chores and tasks that have potential for eye injury.

We recommend that homeowners have at least one pair of CSA-certified safety glasses with semi-side shields. Glasses of this type provide excellent protection for eyes in most situations.

Protecting Your Eyes on the Job – A full third of all eye injuries occur at work. Occupational hazards are very common. If your work places you in situations where your eyes may be injured, wearing safety glasses is a critical step in protecting them.

Prescription Safety Eyewear – If you require corrective lenses and need to wear safety glasses, you have two options: get fitted for contact lenses or get prescription safety eyewear.

If you do not want to wear contact lenses, having our team make a pair of prescription safety glasses for you is a simple, affordable way to protect your eyes without sacrificing comfort or vision quality.

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